Who TF Is This Guy?

I’m Steve Lichtman. Author of ‘plan, execute & rock’ and CEO of Rokstar Labs.

My personal mission is to help give that lightning bolt shock to the system of as many business owners as possible so YOU can take control and crush it with your business.

Real Talk Right Now... I'm a F'N enabler.

I’m a big believer of everyone has the potential to be really amazing at something. It might be athletics, science, empathy, music, attention to details, numbers, art, conversation…. anything. No limits.

I love helping people who have hit the point in their business careers where they KNOW WHO THEY ARE but they just have no clue on how to let everyone else know.

That’s where Steve the enabler comes in. I’ve always been a high energy person and I embrace every opportunity in life I have been given to jumpstart someone’s business mojo. Life mojo too if I can energize and motivate someone to make a positive change… I’m here for it.

From the late 90s to early 2010’s I worked for the family business. Started by driving checks to employees (they worked remote in the 90s we were one of the first) in the NY Metropolitan area for my old man and worked my way up. We used to sublet space from IBM on the 37th floor of Trump Tower working closely with their PartnerWorld universe and it was a great experience, and often times, education.

By the end of my career in the family business I was the active Director of Sales & Marketing, helping hundreds of IBM business partners every year achieve their goals. For a long time I enjoyed it but in the end I was helping a giant machine and I really wanted to help PEOPLE. Folks like you and me, who have their own dreams, and small to medium sized businesses that needed the same competitive edge a giant like IBM was providing to their own network.

So like most, I ran out into the night on my own, and worked the freelance market for a bunch of years while making big changes in my life (aka we had our daughter, moved, etc.)

During that time one of my freelance gigs turned into what has been a decade long spot where I’m now the acting CMO for the brand, and our group of private clients as their fractional CMO. It allows me that ability to help the coaches, consultants, and small to medium sized businesses where I wanted to focus my energy.

Remember, its all about sharing that lightning in a bottle for me. If I did 30 years hard time in a cubicle I would have jumped off the roof somewhere in Manhattan by now. I’m consistently putting myself in places where I can maximize my ability to reach and help others.

Rack up a couple hundred more people I worked with and it started to dawn on me, I should write a book. Hell, for the past decade I’ve been helping others market their own first books… time for me to walk in the shoes I’m lacing up for others.

That’s how plan, execute & rock came to fruition. I basically have put pen to paper and mapped out how I help people. Step by step, chapter by chapter. No short stop endings with a call-to-action to figure out how to finish it all, no hard line sales pitch throughout, just the process being dumped directly out of my brain and into your hands.

If you need more help after reading the book, no worries, I’m here to guide you. But that’s not the goal. The goal goes back to my original mission of wanting to be the lightning bolt that shocks you and wakes up your perspective on HOW you can love and enjoy your business while growing it every day.

Think about this.. if you wake up, work, and it sucks 40-80 hours a week out of you and is absolutely F’N miserable the entire time through… why bother?

What else about me? Well I’m a father and husband, rock-n-roll lover, sometime artist, dog dad, and love driving around in my absolutely unnecessary muscle car. I’m an 80s kid who never gave up on the dream of living a happy and healthy life. I hope I can share that with as many people as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.