Want to drop a line? Cool. There are a few ways to get in touch with me depending on your needs.

  1. Send a message with the form on the right.
  2. Social Media
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If this is a PR or Podcast related inquiry to have me as a guest please email NoFilter [at] and it’ll get forwarded to the right spot in my universe. 

For the Social Media lovers...

I don’t know about you.. but I use different social media platforms for different purposes. Some not even really for business.

While I may have created a “home” on just about every platform under the sun, I’m only sharing the ones where there will be specific, original content for you to enjoy.

LinkedIn – All of my main business content resides here (if not on

X fka Twitter – I talk about Knicks basketball, rock-n-roll, and whatever else.

YouTube – Growing this with both shorts and soon to come long-form videos.

As I build more presence on other platforms I’ll release their links here.